Boosting Your Business: The Benefits of Paid and Organic Digital Marketing

November 10, 2023

What is Digital Marketing?

At its core, digital marketing is any marketing conveyed through a digital device such as smartphones, laptops, personal computers, and other devices. Marketing specialists work to promote brands through many mediums, including, but not limited to, content creation and search engine optimization. 

Paid Marketing V.S. Organic Marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses a multitude of areas, but it can be broken down into smaller specifications. Think of an instance where you make a new friend, in this analogy, you can think of paid digital marketing as the introduction and organic marketing as maintaining the relationship. A relationship is not possible without one or the other; rather, they work together to complement one another. 

Why is Digital Marketing important?

In the golden age of technology, your online presence is an asset that can either work for or against you. Maintaining a positive image and relationship with your audience is crucial to your success, and this is where organic social marketing comes in. At the top of the funnel, paid marketing generates leads that can then be converted to sales, but only after trust and credibility are built by organic social marketing. The two work in conjunction to ensure there is a tested system to become visible to potential clients, gain their trust, and ultimately convert the lead to a sale.


The Benefits of Digital Marketing

Targeted Audience – Digital marketing is better able to convey a message to a desired and specific group of people than traditional marketing can. 

Personalization – Personalizing email campaigns for each customer proves to be much more effective than marketing to an unspecified consumer group. Traditional marketing, such as billboards and magazine ads, cannot provide this extra step.

Quantifiable Results – Having measurable results due to tracking software is much more possible in the digital space, where you can adjust your strategy as needed.

Stronger Connection – With Digital marketing, you are able to constantly engage with your customers, which fosters a stronger relationship with them. A maintained relationship with your audience will keep them interested in your products & services.

Convenient Conversions – Conversions are simplified with digital marketing because consumers can take immediate action after viewing your ad or content, making conversions more likely and frequent.


As a boutique agency, Crescere Digital takes a hands-on approach with every client. Our team of experts crafts personalized, effective strategies, guiding you through the process to gain a deeper understanding of your digital landscape. We remain readily accessible to collaborate and fine-tune both paid and organic campaigns.

Ready to elevate your company’s online presence? Let’s connect and explore the possibilities for developing your digital marketing strategy.