Facebook changes to business pages

Two Facebook Changes to Business Pages

November 10, 2019

More changes have come to Facebook that will affect the way you measure those Key Performance Indicators on each post. The gray verification badge is going away, Facebook impressions will start to show a decline and users with business pages will need to start watching their metrics very closely. Our goal at Crescere Digital is to make sure you stay updated on all the digital changes that can impact how you conduct your business.

About the Verification Badges

Facebook had two types of verification badges, blue and gray. Blue verification badges were for Pages and profiles for public figures, media companies or brands that Facebook confirmed were authentic. Businesses and organizations can earn a gray badge by completing a “basic ID process”for their page that Facebook will review. Two different colored verification badges became confusing for many users, so Facebook decided to remove the gray badge. This change will only affect the presentation of Facebook Business Pages, but be sure to follow best practices to keep your pages up-to-date with all the correct contact information and a profile picture.

The Change On Organic Impressions

The organic impressions from business pages will now only count the number of people who have seen your posts for the very first time instead of counting repeated views like before. What this means for Facebook metrics is that the number of impressions will decline dramatically. Although the impressions fluctuate on a normal basis, this change will show a steady decline in the big picture as this change rolls out. The goal of this change is to show a more accurate report on how many people see a post. The positive takeaway is that digital strategists will have a more precise number of impressions to better optimize their clients’ digital strategies.

As Facebook releases more changes, our team at Crescere Digital keeps track of the data to ensure our clients’ pages are up-to-date and performing at their best. Contact us to find out how Crescere Digital can help your business.

SOURCE: Social Media Today

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