How to Wrangle the Facebook Algorithm in 2020

How to Wrangle the Facebook Algorithm in 2020

February 28, 2020

Hootsuite has provided marketers with some Facebook insights for 2020 that should be considered in all client strategies. Since Facebook is determined to position themselves as a transparent platform for its users, they have added a feature called, "Why Am I Seeing This," for users to understand why a certain advertisement or post is being shown to them. The emphasis on transparency has affected what users see on their News Feed from brands because the algorithm is based on the following factors: 

Brands and businesses look forward to reactions and comments on their posts from users because they provide important feedback needed to determine how and what to share with their audiences. The more users engage with a certain post, the longer it stays on their News Feed and it is more likely to show up on their friends' feeds as well. Once Facebook determines what a user is interested in, they will share content from related brands and businesses as a way to ensure a user is seeing content that they want to see. 

Type of Content
Facebook prioritizes trending content. Video content, especially those longer than 3 minutes, has become increasingly popular on social media. Therefore, brands and businesses that post video content will show up more frequently on News Feeds.

Frequency of Posts
Consistency is important because it determines how active a brand is on social media. Facebook wants to focus on brands and businesses that they know are determined to connect with their audiences. The platform will prioritize content from brands that are more active on Facebook.

What Businesses Should Do

Create Videos and Utilize the Live Function
This can be a game changer for brands especially if the videos convey useful information. Videos automatically play when a user scrolls to it on their feed, which is why the content of the video is essential. The longer a user stays on a video, the better the post will rank on Facebook's algorithm. Facebook will prioritize Live video content as well as a way to incentivize brands to move towards this feature.

Start Conversations
Posts that are able to spark conversations will be considered high quality. Engagements like ongoing conversations are the best way to organically "boost" posts. The more engagements there are, the longer the post will stay at the top of the audience's News Feed.

Use Groups
Facebook wants to promote businesses that have cultivated a genuine connection with their audiences. The Groups feature allows users to join a group that revolves around subjects that they are interested in, which in turn promotes user-generated content. 

"Boost" Your Organic Posts
Boosting Facebook posts is a great way to attract new users to business pages. Facebook provides information on which organic posts are generating an ample amount of traffic. Brands and businesses can then decide whether to further promote those posts. This feature ensures a boosted post's success due to its preexisting success through organic social media.

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SOURCE: Hootsuite

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