How to make Facebook Groups a better experience

How To Make Facebook Groups a Better Experience

November 22, 2019

Organizing posts in Facebook groups have gotten easier with the new “Post Topics” tool. Facebook began to notice how difficult it was to search for a specific post in a group once it was buried in the discussions of other posts. Although only one topic can be added to each post, this feature will help users narrow down the posts to find the one they are looking for.

Who Can Add Topics?

Only admins or moderators will be able to create, edit and delete post topics for the group. Once topics are created, group members will be able to add a topic to any post they have written. Users are strongly encouraged to utilize this new tool, but is not required in order to publish a post. These topics will simply sort the posts within a group to ensure members have an easy time finding the exact information they are looking for and read other posts that they may be interested in.

Why Should You Add Topics? 

Users have a variety of information to choose from, so businesses using social media platforms need to stand out as much as possible. This includes providing information in a way that is quick and easy for users to search for and understand. Facebook Groups is a great platform for sharing information since it builds a community and establishes trust within the group.

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SOURCE: Social Media Today

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