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Features That Can Elevate Your Social Media Presence

October 28, 2019

Social media interactions have evolved beyond simply liking, commenting and sharing posts. Users are now strongly encouraged to implement other features such as tagging locations and products, communicating through Stories and creating videos. These recommendations will help you create a more personable online presence to allow the audience to feel a better connection with your brand. 

Why is Tagging Locations and Products Important?

Tagging locations and products help to gain engagement while sharing useful information with your audience. Location-specific posts are helpful for promoting local events like grand openings and other social soirees that might be interesting to the public. Tagging locations help to bring the audience into the event through the digital space, and helps businesses attract more potential customers. 

According to Social Media Today, 50% of product searches in 2020 will be through images or speech. Using social media accounts to tag products and add prices (when applicable) will centralize your space to allow people to buy items, which will create a better user experience. Instead of having to switch between apps, users can stay on your page once you turn it into a one-stop shop!

How Can Videos and Stories Help?

Videos and Stories have become an integral part of social media. Social Media today states that "56% of internet users watch videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter," so users need to take advantage of these features. Instagram shows the number of views on a video instead of likes which is normally exponentially higher than the like count. Using the Stories function on Instagram and Facebook can help to boost immediate engagement with followers, too. This provides a way to share events and experiences in real-time which allows the audience to participate through the digital realm similar to location-tagging. Since these Stories disappear after 24 hours (unless they are added into a Highlight Reel on Instagram), there is an urgency for anyone who wants to connect with your brand.

As more features become available, social media can begin to feel like an overwhelming challenge to overcome. Our goal at Crescere Digital is to connect our clients to the right audience. Contact us to find out how we can help. 

SOURCE: Social Media Today


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